Payment Methods

Please always quote your Suma Customer Number when you contact us. Our preferred method of payment is through our Website, Debit Card or Bank Transfer. We ask for one single payment even if you have multiple invoices – this keeps our admin and card charges down.

Bank Transfer

Please supply the bank with your customer number for identification purposes, any remittance advice should be sent to Suma. Here are Suma's account details: Account Number: 86575791 Sort Code: 60-60-05 Alternatively contact our Credit Control Team on: 01422 313847 or email:

Card Payments

You pay as you go along. To make a payment over the phone call our Credit Control team on: 01422 313847 We can take Credit Card payments but please note that we don’t accept Diners Club or American Express. You can pay for your orders automatically by registering your card with us. You can do this by calling our Payments Line on: 01422 313878 or our Credit Control Team (number above!) We will then automatically debit the card after the agreed number of credit days (see Account Terms and Credit Agreements below).

Online payments

We now accept payments through our website (We do not accept PayPal etc).

Pay by Cheque

We can accept cheques either by post or to the driver upon the point of delivery but we do encourage our customers to use debit cards or bank transfer as it’s a safer and quicker method of payment. We do not accept cash payments to the driver.

Making a Credit Claim

If you have an item that is damaged or missing from your order you can call our Claims Team on: 01422 313860 or email: Please ensure you have your account number, invoice number and item number or item code at the ready. We will only process claims made within 7 days of your order being received. We will then process your claim for that item. We do not offer refunds as we are a wholesaler and operate using debits and credits. This is then automatically deducted from the payments due on your account. You can request a Returns Pad from us or download and complete the Issues form then email to: You can use the Returns Pad to return items and the Issues form to request credit claims, once the driver has left. Usually, you can return items to our driver on your next delivery with the completed Returns Form and the credit will be processed within 5 working days.

Account Terms and Credit Agreements

Most Suma customers are set up with 7 days credit as standard – this means that after 7 days you will be liable to pay the full amount of the due invoices on that account. If you require more credit days please contact our Credit Control team on: 01422 313847 or email: and provide 2 Trade References – we will then follow these up and contact you with proposed credit terms. Similarly, if you wish to discuss your credit limit with us please contact our Credit Control Team on 01422 313847